Wednesday, 22 June 2011


All my life, I have realised that most years have a soundtrack. The ones of my youth were without fail the songs I heard on the radio and at the disco. Yes, once, I was a disco chick.

In later years, with tiny babies and small children, there were the chart songs we sang to them, alongside their favourite videos. One of the songs I remember was James with Sit Down. The videos included Thomas the Tank Engine, The Care Bears, Postman Pat and The Snowman. More recently my sound tracks have included The Waterboys (I found them late), and assorted tunes which meant something to me. The year I learnt to belly dance had lots of fusion music to which I shook and wiggled with joy.
This year, I have found it difficult to listen to much music. While I was recovering from surgery, lots of music simply reminded me of the past I could not live again, or it made me want to dance which I could not do. During my chemo weeks I suffer from tinnitus and music is too loud or too muffled, and occasionally plain irritating.

pic by 0silver0

Some blogs I have read recently have talked about choosing tracks that make you feel, think and dance. I did choose some but they are not my soundtrack for now. However, I have found a soundtrack for now. The seed was planted during an episode of Homes Under the Hammer. They featured a cottage called Pippin, and underpinned the piece with part of the soundtrack to The Lord of the Rings trilogy. I was smitten, not by the cottage but by the music. I promptly bought an album of the soundtrack to the films. Achingly it took nearly a week to arrive. When it eventually plopped through the letterbox, I rushed to open it, stuck it in my laptop, and bunged it on iTunes. There was my soundtrack, reflecting, pain, melancholy, strife, struggle. The counterpoints are joy, peace, triumph, steadfastness, fellowship, winning through and ultimately fulfilling a quest. This music is perfect for me, now, at this point in my life. I can listen to this music all the time. This soundtrack soothes my soul. Have you got a soundtrack for now? Think about it...