Tuesday, 14 June 2011

It's the way you look at it...

Finally I am able to announce that I am to be a Granny twice more this year. I am absolutely delighted. Rachel, my first grandchild, is a great joy, if a little far away. Her Mum, my daughter in law, is brilliant at posting pictures and videos so I can still enjoy the good bits.
I have known about both babies for a while but was asked not to brag about one of them until after the first scan. That was yesterday, and quite suddenly my life took on a different complexion. Nothing has actually changed, there was no more new good news. I was just able to share my jubilation, pride and joy.
The difference is in the way I'm looking at it. I am now focused beyond my three remaining chemo's to the rest of my life. A life that will contain two happily married children and three grandchildren. I am excited about returning to work in early Autumn. I can see beyond what has to be endured and I am excited. I really hope that I can hang onto this good stuff when the fuzzy muzzies kick in and I'm bedridden again.
During my second chemo cycle, three weeks ago, I shut myself away and was becoming low in spirits. This time I've made an effort to get out, do stuff, give myself challenges. I feel so much better for this, my spirits are higher and I have a better quality of life. All the things I have done this week were there to be done before. The difference is in how I looked at it.