Sunday, 25 April 2010

Paradise found...

After a hectic week during which Ofsted visited the school, we left early on Saturday for a destination unknown to me. We headed to North Norfolk and explored various little market towns before reaching our destination. The campsite was exquisite, beautifully groomed and blissfully child free. There were birds everywhere, so tame they took no notice as we passed by. We erected our new tepee easily. We could see our neighbours were astounded as so much equipment emerged from a Smart notch back Roadster (albeit one with a Bootbag!)
Soon, we headed off to Cromer. We explored the town, walked on the pier,visited the Lifeboat Museum. My inner child was satisfied by the opportunity to try on a lifeboat persons outfit!
We headed off to Sheringham for dinner, and a very quick walk by the sea, there was a stiff sea breeze. Later we watched TV and read in the comfortable site lounge, but headed for bed early. Our slumber was interrupted by a scratching noise, quietly persistent. Then we heard a gentle mewing, one of the campsite cats was trying to come and visit! We ignored it and it went away.
The dawn chorus was spectacular, so many varieties of bird were singing. It was not just the somewhat strident blackbirds as at home. The variety of song was just gorgeous.
We will be returning just as soon as we can. For a completely tranquil, away from the rat race, bolthole, our secret campsite has it all.

Saturday, 3 April 2010

I only commented on Pupil Voice!

'I was interviewed by the School Council for my current post (Junior School). They were perceptive and probing and it was a challenging interview. Their views were considered, but it was only one small part of a whole day of interviews and teaching. The School Council are still involved in interviewing prospective teachers at our school and I think it is a valuable part of recruitment.'
The above post led to a very exciting holiday Saturday. I had commented on an article on the BBC news website concerning the NASUWT and Pupil Voice. I was e-mailed back very quickly and asked if I minded the BBC contacting me about my comments. You could have knocked me down with a feather, but thought no more about it. We headed out to further explore the area that we hope will be our new home. I missed a call while enjoying a latte, but returned the call immediately. It was the BBC asking me to appear live on the BBC News Channel at two o'clock. I was asked 'Could they send a car for me?' I declined, quickly realising I needed to do something about my appearance before I appeared on TV.
We rushed back home, where my lovely husband pressed a new top and pashmina for me, and I worked quick miracles on my face and hair.
When we arrived at BBC Cambridge, I was ushered into a room, more like a cupboard, and fitted with microphone and ear-piece. It was really strange talking to a circle of green LED's, and being quite fiercely challenged by a man I could not see, and whose name I did not know. Although he really pushed me to agree with his point of view, I stood firm and spoke about that in which I believe. I said that our pupils took their responsibility in interviewing staff very seriously, but did not have the ultimate say in appointments. He did say I was clearly confident and outgoing and that children would like me! He also asked ask me what I would have felt if I had not got the job, when interviewed by the school council. I assured him that I would not have blamed the children, but my own failings.
I feel justified in all I said - I know there are many who have concerns about pupil voice but at my school it works.
I only commented on Pupil Voice and ended up on the telly!