Sunday, 12 December 2010

Changes... I have seen lots of changes in the last five years. I've been on a long journey, finding the real me. I messed up, was judged and found wanting. I moved home four times, I do hope I stay where I am now for a long time. I have changed career completely. I am now remarried, despite at one time being adamant that I would NEVER marry again. The joy I feel, almost everyday, at my new found contentment still takes my breath away. I believe I am so lucky to have a job I enjoy, (although it does sometimes infuriate me), a lovely man as my husband (I know I sometimes irritate him!)and I live in a warm and cosy house in a delightful little market town in middle England. I have much to be grateful for indeed. But I am not complacent - the last five years have shown me on several occasions that all we take for granted can be taken away in a moment. Ill health and redundancy dropped bombs into my quiet world more than once. That is why I will be content, but not smug, and I never judge anyone.