Saturday, 4 June 2011

The fuzzy muzzies...

I am blogging from the depths of the fuzzy muzzies. They are not as bad as they can be as I 'think' I am making sense and the letters are in the right order. The fuzzy muzzies (aka chemo fog) are very trying. The world becomes a bewildering place. When at their worst, they cause such a slowing of brain function that I can quite literally not know what is going on. The tv is only moving images, I cannot follow what is happening. A book is merely a collection of black marks on a page. I cannot extract any meaning. A question takes forever to answer, because processing the request, then an answer is a labourious effort. I fear I must look entirely witless on occasions. There are many medications (including some I am taking now) that say not to operate machinery or drive whilst using them. Chemo should come with such a warning. I definitely cannot drive, I'm not sure I'd be safe out alone either. When at their worst, the fuzzy muzzies drive me to bed. A dark quiet room removes the mental stimulation that cannot be comprehended, making the world feel safer. The fuzzy muzzies last about 72 hours before they fade.

So when I say , sorry, I can't manage to do that soon after a chemo session, the fuzzy muzzies are why. Add in possible nausea, weakness, and bone numbing weariness and severe joint pain and you'll understand that 'chemo week' is a bind, a grind and something to be endured. See you at the other side.