Friday, 18 February 2011

A jolt to the system...

Shortly after the New year, I experienced an unwanted symptom, worrying, so I got myself checked. I entered the NHS system, which for once moved at a reasonable pace. Several sets of tests (some deeply unpleasant!) later, it transpired that have an ovarian cyst. I went into work the day after. In the days after said tests my tummy grew and grew until I looked eight months pregnant. I know I am not - saw the evidence during the tests! By last Tuesday night, after an extremely uncomfortable day at work (I know, was silly to work, have been told off by healthcare professionals) I headed off to A & E.
To cut a boring story short, they discovered that my cyst is potentially nasty. I am to have a BIG operation, total hysterectomy plus.
To say that my priorities have changed overnight would be an understatement. I was stunned to realise how little I cared about being unable to work. I am absolutely devoted to my class and teaching but today I have realised I MUST come first. I do feel some anxiety about not being at work, but this is the result of years of programming to keep going regardless.
I am going to keep going, but to strengthen my body for what is to come. I'm going to 'bank' some good times for when the going gets tough and I'm going to grab every bit of positivity that comes my way.
If you have some spare good vibes - send them my way, they will have a very good home.