Sunday, 7 November 2010

Reflections on a week in Kos - Part 1.

I am, I think, a little in love with Kos. Friendly, friendly people. A parched autumn landscape, dried aromatic herbs on the hillsides. Plane, Olive and Palm trees line the roads. Flat roofed houses topped with the ubiquitous solar water heater panels and tanks. Ochre, cream, white, olive green. Cerulean sea - all just gorgeous. At Plaka in the wild pine forests, roam wild Peafowl. Resplendent males and drabber females beg for food. The plaintive cries of a large chick resonated through the peaceful forest. We travelled on up hairpin bends,past precipices to find the tiny Basilica of Agios Ioannis (St John). The church has breathtaking views down to the sea. We found the key tucked behind a stone. The unlocked door revealed a fabulous interior with ceiling paintings, stunning icons and gold embellishments. A moment of intense spirituality swept over me. The sense of history was overcoming. There were beeswax tapers for sale - I lit one and spent some time in long unaccustomed prayer.
Later we moved on to Askelepion - a Greek/Roman site of archeological and historical significance. Another place of great serenity. Many steps led to the top of the site and truly spectacular views across the sea to Turkey. There were many butterflies and lizards basking in the sunshine. As everywhere on Kos, there were many feral cats. An especially tame one came and befriended Richard.
So much to tell, yet we had only been on Kos two days.