Friday, 22 July 2011

Oh no! I'm stuck...

Having survived my CT scan yesterday, I spent today occupying the sofa, as has become my habit. Our sofa is a dual recliner, the seats recline manually. This is important information. In order to sit up, the foot part of the sofa needs to be pressed down by one's legs and pushed into place and clicked locked.

I have not been in the habit of reclining my part of the sofa. However my feet have been swelling badly lately so I have been resting with them up.
The CT scan yesterday was ok, I had one before but was ill at the time and I do not remember it clearly. The main problem was that I had to stretch my arms above my head, pulling my tummy down, and then hold my breath. Something did not like that - I have a tweak in my abdomen. I won't dwell on the injection that makes your mouth taste of metal cleaner and gives the sensation of wetting one's pants. My pants were and are completely dry I hasten to add!
Anyway - the tweak!
The tweak became obvious when I turned over in bed, but was not too much of an issue as I warmed up moving through the morning. It was fine as I pottered down to the Doctors with my prescription request. The tweak was fine when I had lunch and hung out some washing. The tweak was fine as I had a cup of coffee. The tweak struck after Mr G got home. Flushed with success, happy that Mr G was home, I reclined the recliner. The customary jerk backwards was overcome - I reclined happily. All was well until I decided to unrecline myself. I deployed my legs. I did not unrecline. The tweak hurt! I tried pushing my legs down once more.. I was stuck! My legs out in front of me, I was cast. Mr G was laughing.
I was getting hot and bothered. I managed to shift my weight forward into my legs. With herculean effort, and gritting my teeth through the tweak, I extricated myself from the clutches of the sofa. Free at last!
I am writing this sitting squarely on the sofa - no more reclining until the tweak has healed.