Friday, 2 September 2011

Wait and see...

Yesterday morning, I saw my Oncologist for my post treatment appointment. I had already had results from my scan and blood tests. There is no evidence of disease (NED) from the can and the blood test ca125 is a very healthy 12/13 - normal levels are from 0 -35. All this is very pleasing, for now, my disease has been dealt with. My Oncologist explained that for the next five years I would be monitored. They do NOT routinely scan or blood test ladies who have had ovarian cancer. Instead, I am expected to be vigilant about sustained changes in my body. If I notice something then I must contact my Macmillan Nurse as soon as I can, I will then be seen in clinic. I was also given a challenge by my Oncologist to reduce my weight before I next see her. My next official appointment is in three months.
There was one slightly scary part to my meeting yesterday. I was very unwell after my last chemo, the side effects were horrid. This evidently means that SHOULD I need chemo again, I will have to go to Northampton as an inpatient to have my treatment. Let's hope that does not happen. After the appointment Mr G and I headed out for another of our little road trips. We went to Market Harborough where we had a delicious lunch. I tried to enjoy it completely but unaccountably I found myself weepy and tearful. I think it had struck me that my watchfulness is going to have to be lifelong. This is daunting. I know I will process this and get on with my life in my usual full on way. Because I was teary, Mr G texted his Mum, (my Marmee) to ring me and talk to me. It was a joy to hear her tender voice counselling me to be calm and that I was not alone in all this. I almost immediately felt much better. We spent the afternoon at Foxton Locks,
this is one of our favourite places. We fed the ducks and enjoyed a cup of tea.
So, this is the end of treatment, my job now is to trim up, get active again. I am sure returning to work on Monday will get me more active! I shall be very busy. Go me!