Friday, 25 March 2011

Moving on...

Another week has gone by - I am physically much recovered. The daily ritual of injecting my tummy has lost any charm it ever had, but only six more days to go!
I am enjoying the compulsory daily walks far more in the sunshine and I can walk further every day. However, should I have the temerity to be over ambitious my tummy muscles soon get me back in line. I have definite dates now for Chemo Pre-assessment on 12 April and when it actually starts in 27 days. Somewhat strangely, I am impatient for this. I want to get on with the fight. Before then though I have some really good things to do. My daughter gets married in just under 3 weeks, a day I could not miss. My Oncologist was quite definite that the wedding came before Chemo. I get to see some dear friends this weekend. More good stuff to store. This is necessary. There are times when despite all the love, care and concern that surrounds me I feel anxious, worried and frightened, but then I do remember the good stuff and wrap myself up in it like a soft sweet cloud.