Thursday, 11 August 2011

I had a hair cut...

No, no, ... sorry people, this was a one hair cut. Mr G and I popped in to show my lovely hairdresser my fluffy hair and she spotted an errant longer hair and (with my permission) snipped it off. We all laughed a lot!

In other news, I did have to pluck my eyebrows as they have grown with such enthusiasm and abandon. There are quite a few fluffy hairs mixed in with the smooth dark brown grown-up ones. I have tidied up the fluffy ones so I look less like a teddy bear.

The after effects of my final chemo were quite horrid and indeed I can still feel them. I had quite dreadful pain for two days where my skin was sore and ached to the extent I could not bear to be touched. The fuzzy muzzies are still in attendance. However, I can now get my head round the knowledge that this part is over. I shall have to be very careful to avoid infection over the next week or so as I am sure that my white blood cell count is very low. I am gradually allowing myself to acknowledge that I don't have to go for treatment in two weeks time. The relief is enormous. It will be a grand day when I take all the meds I no longer need back to the pharmacy.

Mr G and I are chatting about things we fancy doing - eating some recently forbidden foods features quite highly. I fancy a trip to the seaside but can't risk paddling for a couple of weeks yet. We are really looking forward to seeing our granddaughter, and to meeting the new grand children in time. We might take in some animal watching at a zoo or safari park. There are lots of National Trust properties for us to explore.
The sun is starting to shine once again...