Monday, 27 May 2013

The Monsoon Week 2

Firstly - something amazing happened. One of the surgeons involved with my drain removal apologised to me, in the canteen. I nearly fell off my chair. Conversations with staff on the ward have persuaded me that this is highly unusual behaviour. I am pleased to say I was gracious to him.

So Monday 20 May. The cold sore on my shoulder deemed me unfit to share the bay so off to a room I went. My consultant sent her House Officer to tell me that I was going to be in hospital for at least another week. The microbiologists recommended a full fourteen days of mega IV antibiotics and this needed to happen in hospital. To tell the truth I was still feeling really poorly and was on various drips to correct my ailing blood chemistry. I got into bed and stayed there.

Life was being much improved however by the very clever internet dongle I've been given. This means I can watch TV on my laptop, and because we have Sky, I can watch Sky programmes in real time via Sky Go. We do have access to internet/TV via bedside screens but to get good choice it costs £20 for three days. My dongle means I have internet/TV for much less. Definitely a WIN. The other wins have been the lovely visits that I have had from family and friends. Hospital visiting is hard but it is such a lifeline with 'normal' life that the value cannot be overestimated. Being in hospital is very lonely, for although there are people everywhere they are not those with whom we have loving intimate relationships. I have been blessed by some very kind and caring staff who have mopped my tears and rubbed my back, but they cannot replace the hugs of those we love, both friends and family.

Things seemed to be going well, when on Wednesday I developed nausea and vomiting - both symptoms I thought I had left behind. I was given some extra anti sickness meds which have helped some. There is a thought that the antibiotics could be to blame.

Friday 24 May was our wedding anniversary and I thought Mr G was not going to be able to visit. A sixty mile round trip to visit is expensive and tiring. I did get some good news, though, because I was being kept in hospital I was to be given ward leave on Sunday between my lunchtime and evening doses of antibiotic. I was beyond excited, the promise of 8 hours outside the hospital was amazing.  I texted Mr G to tell him.

 In the afternoon my daughter brought my grandson to visit. He is too little to come on the ward but I was able to go to the restaurant. We bought drinks and chips and cakes and settled down but I was sought out to go and have an ultrasound scan. Fortunately this did not take too long and I was soon able to rejoin them. My grandson had found his feet and was toddling from chair to chair while enjoying some cake. He was soon laughing and throwing himself into my arms - such joy. I wish I could bottle it! Did I mind the chocolate cake on my pink robe? No, not for one minute.

I heard people arriving for evening visiting and had tried to ring Mr G an hour earlier but had got no answer. I assumed he was shopping for food. Suddenly a familiar and much beloved face peeped round the door frame, it was Mr G come to see me. My day was complete.

Saturday brought more family visiting. Again opportunities to catch up and news to share. There is nothing that directs the mind as much as realising that occasions might be limited when it comes to relationships.

Sunday saw me all in a dither. Please let nothing get in the way of my precious home time. It didn't. I had some precious hours with my lovely Mr G, I had a nap in my OWN bed. We discovered that travelling in a car is far less painful now my infection is gone. The only sad part was that I knew I had to go back.

Which brings us to today. I've finished my antibiotics. My cannula has gone. As long as all my obs stay ok, I may well go home tomorrow. Only time will tell.