Monday, 6 May 2013

It never rains....

I developed toothache on Sunday 21 April so I went to the dentist, as soon as I could, who did an x-ray. There appeared to be no abscess so I was advised to clean well around the tooth as the pain indicated a gum problem.
Fast forward twenty four hours to Wednesday 24 April, tooth even more painful. I could not attend dentist's emergency session as I had a pre-chemo blood test booked for first thing in the morning. When I got back home I rang the Chemo Suite for advice. They told me to see my GP with urgency to obtain some antibiotics. I acquired an emergency appointment by using the chemotherapy trump card. To cut a long story short. GP referred me straight back to my dentist... don't ask.
By this time I had already driven 33 miles. I was now faced with another 40 mile round trip to the dentist. I was starting to feel a bit poorly too.
My dentist was fab, as always, and she and her senior devised a plan of action. I set off home. I felt dreadful. I was getting a ringing in my ears. I got home safely by some kind of miracle.
Being me, I did not rest when I got home, but got on with jobs. That is until I nearly blacked out. This unnerved me sufficiently that I took my temperature. To my horror it was 39.4oC.  I tried to contact Mr G, then rang my Macmillan Nurse. I should have rung the Chemo Suite. My Nurse told me to take some paracetamol and she would make some calls. Shortly, a nurse from the chemo suite rang me and told me to go to the Big Hospital at once.  I said my District Nurse was due any minute to drain and dress my tum, it was agreed I could do this.
The drive to the Big Hospital was awful, the roads were so bumpy and it was the rush hour. Eventually we arrived at the Oncology Ward where I was quickly ushered to a room. I was speedily cannulated and a large dose of IV antibiotics delivered. Mr G and I then spent a couple of hours thinking I might go home, but it was not to be. Due to my fever and vomiting (by this time nothing would stay put) I was in and would probably be in all the next day too.
The next day I kept having antibiotics and paracetamol and my temperature was normal. As I was in hospital I was, of course, unable to go to my dentist to fulfil the cunning plan. In an effort to sort my still extremely sore tooth out, I was taken down to the Maxillo-Facial Dept with the hope that they would extract my tooth in hospital. Imagine my incredulity when I was told, somewhat sheepishly, that they did not have the right drill to cut through my bridge, to which the tooth was attached. A plan was devised whereby I would go to my dentist in the morning to have my bridge divided then I was to return to hospital to have the tooth removed. This did not happen. A consultant would not allow it.
Friday dawned. More sitting and waiting. I had bloods taken late and the results arrived after lunch.
Suddenly action stations...
I was to go to my dentist and have my tooth removed! I hastily called my dental surgery who rose to the occasion splendidly. My dentist cleared her afternoon appointments to see me and take my troublesome tooth out.  I was sent home to recover with Metronidazole and a set of instructions.
The source of my temperature was never discovered but at least I was home for the weekend.