Monday, 18 April 2011

You guys are awesome...

Richard and I went to watch the London Marathon and support those running for Ovarian Cancer Action. This is a small charity raising funds for research and awareness of the disease. I have signed up as a Voice, I shall speak and write to raise awareness of this type of cancer.
Back to the Marathon, what a humbling experience. Even when I was well I could not have even walked 26 miles. Yet, thousands selflessly put themselves through what looked like agony to raise money for people like me. The beautiful weather made it a pleasant experience cheering on the runners, but made the running/walking extra hard work.I did not recognise any celebrities but enjoyed the efforts of the runners who had dressed up, especially Superman who made an amazing time. I was not able to manage to watch everyone pass by, my body gave up on me and I got too sore to stand any longer. Given how busy it was we had a really smooth journey by tube back to our car.
I have always enjoyed watching the Marathon on TV. Some of the efforts of the runners gave me goosebumps and a few tears. None of this prepared me for the amazing atmosphere at the event and the sheer determination and tenacity of the runners. To everyone who ran/walked/hobbled round the course - thank you. To everyone who sponsored those who ran - thank you. You people are wonderful.