Saturday, 3 April 2010

I only commented on Pupil Voice!

'I was interviewed by the School Council for my current post (Junior School). They were perceptive and probing and it was a challenging interview. Their views were considered, but it was only one small part of a whole day of interviews and teaching. The School Council are still involved in interviewing prospective teachers at our school and I think it is a valuable part of recruitment.'
The above post led to a very exciting holiday Saturday. I had commented on an article on the BBC news website concerning the NASUWT and Pupil Voice. I was e-mailed back very quickly and asked if I minded the BBC contacting me about my comments. You could have knocked me down with a feather, but thought no more about it. We headed out to further explore the area that we hope will be our new home. I missed a call while enjoying a latte, but returned the call immediately. It was the BBC asking me to appear live on the BBC News Channel at two o'clock. I was asked 'Could they send a car for me?' I declined, quickly realising I needed to do something about my appearance before I appeared on TV.
We rushed back home, where my lovely husband pressed a new top and pashmina for me, and I worked quick miracles on my face and hair.
When we arrived at BBC Cambridge, I was ushered into a room, more like a cupboard, and fitted with microphone and ear-piece. It was really strange talking to a circle of green LED's, and being quite fiercely challenged by a man I could not see, and whose name I did not know. Although he really pushed me to agree with his point of view, I stood firm and spoke about that in which I believe. I said that our pupils took their responsibility in interviewing staff very seriously, but did not have the ultimate say in appointments. He did say I was clearly confident and outgoing and that children would like me! He also asked ask me what I would have felt if I had not got the job, when interviewed by the school council. I assured him that I would not have blamed the children, but my own failings.
I feel justified in all I said - I know there are many who have concerns about pupil voice but at my school it works.
I only commented on Pupil Voice and ended up on the telly!